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I thought I’d respond to Catherine’s Blog on 4 Non-Annoying Ways to Follow Up After An Interview, which featured some solid advice for any job seeker. I have come across an article directly responding to this, which I found equally useful and inspiring… and amusing!

The 4 Most Annoying Ways to Follow Up After An Interview:

1. Use Your Inside Connection in my company to get feedback. Nothing screams cheesy more than doing this! Hey, my uncle works in tech support, I’ll just have him contact Tim in HR to see how I did. When this happens to me – I go overboard to the connection on how bad they did, so much so we are actually rethinking your employment because of your relationship.

2. Send me a Thank You note to my home. Yes, this has happened to me – and yes it was way creepy. The last thing I want to deal with when I walk into the door of my home is some crazy candidate from work. No, it does not show initiative – it shows your propensity to be a stalker.

3. Ask me to be Facebook friends. Look, I don’t even want to be work friends if we hire you, and I certainly don’t want you picking around my Facebook page. I would rather you tattoo a picture of my on your chest and put it on a billboard before befriending you on Facebook. Don’t do this!

4. Leave me a voicemail everyday for 2 weeks. Again, this doesn’t show initiative, it shows desperation – Like the veteran running-back who run into the end-zone and tosses the football to the umpire – act like you’ve been there. You can follow up once – a quick “thank you” and a “I’m definitely interested” is all that it takes.

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