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As I know we’ve mentioned before, over the Summer CML are raising money and awareness for the Humane Society. The Humane Society provides shelter and care to unwanted animals and helps to find them a loving home. At the moment there are 90 dogs living at the Humane Society, which means a lot of walking! Obviously the people at the Humane Society work hard to make sure that all of the dogs are walked daily but extra pairs of legs are always welcome and much needed. This is why the staff at CML have been given an extra hour off every Friday morning to go and help at the Society and take the doggies out for a walk! 

Chris and I with Ginger, Masey and Rascal

This morning it was the turn of myself, Chris Turrell and Victoria Griffin to be taken for a walk by Ginger, Masey and Rascal! They are extremely lovely dogs and very excited to get outside, so if you are an animal lover and have a spare hour please get down to the Humane Society next door to AL Thompson’s and do a good deed!

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