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Whether you are a budding Federer, Nadal or one of Williams sisters or just want some fun on the court try the facilities of the Cayman Islands Tennis Club. The club offers affordable membership and coaching at all levels, and you can see from our latest video the smiles it puts on members faces.

The game itself,  is easy to learn but difficult to master, knowing how to serve, volley and deliver accurate ground shots are all part of the course, but at the end of the day its about having fun.  

The great thing about tennis is it can be played by both young and old. They have junior programs and mixed adult lessons here. You can of course compete as a single player or find doubles or mixed doubles partner and add to the social occasion. It’s also an inexpensive game with an average racket and kit costing about $100-$200. On island there are many sports suppliers that can advise on buying the correct racket for you, suitable in both grip size and weight.

Tennis is a great form of exercise, and combined with the Caribbean sunshine is a perfect way to burn calories and get the adrenaline running. And afterwards why not relax with friends over a club soda and talk about those missed shots, double faults, aces and back-hand smashes.

The tennis club is a great place for kids to make friends and keep active. Whilst learning the game they pick up invaluable life skills, whilst being outdoors in a safe and fun environment.

So if you want to meet new people and enjoy being sporty, the Cayman Islands Tennis Club is the place for you. It is family orientated with events throughout the year, and who knows you might be sharing your court with a future tennis star in the making. That tennis star could even be you!

That’s ‘game set and match!’ …take a look the latest CML TV video for more details…


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