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If you have driven around the Cayman Islands during the early hours of the morning you would have probably seen stray dogs wandering and roaming the streets. This is a common site in many underdeveloped countries but it really needn’t be the case, especially here in Cayman when Spay and Neuter programs exist. One such program is run by a charity called CARE; this charity’s objective is to make the Cayman Islands a no kill island and to educate people in responsible pet ownership. They offer spay and neuter services and are running a trap, neuter and release program for feral cats, I have volunteered for this organization on many occasions and it is a very worthwhile charity to be involved in.

Neutering and spaying your pet is the most responsible thing a pet owner can do, especially when you are living in a country where there is an overpopulation problem.

In the USA around five to seven million cats and dogs enter animal shelters each year and around three to four million are euthanized each year (statistics taken from ASPCA’s website).

The benefits of neutering or spaying your pet are as follows:

  • Your pet it will have a lesser risk of developing certain illnesses. It has been proven that neutered/spayed animals have a reduced risk of cancer in particular, prostate, ovarian, uterine and breast.
  • Decreases aggressive behavior in animals, including biting.
  • Your pets are less likely to roam and cause a public nuisance.
  • Less likely to mark their territories.
  • There will be fewer animals euthanized each year.
  • Less animal abuse (many animals suffer from neglect and abandonment).
  • Fewer animals living miserable lives in shelters.
  • Less animals getting injured (many stray animals get hit by cars).
  • There will be less animals contracting contagious diseases through fighting (one disease which is especially contagious for cats is the Feline Immunodeficiency syndrome, which is spread by cats through cat bites) or not having had vaccinations which would prevent certain illnesses.

Basically there will be less animals suffering if people realized that they need to act responsibly when getting a pet and that neutering or spaying their pets will benefit both the animals themselves and the community as a whole.

CARE’s contact information:

Telephone 938 2273


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