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As if living in Grand Cayman in the beautiful Caribbean wasn’t reward enough, being a resident here gives you access to great deals at many local sites, restaurants and hotels, often with huge discounts off the normal price.

Just mention you’re a resident and your boat / jet-ski trip out to Stingray City will instantly be cheaper, for example Red Sail Sports give 10% off every trip for residents, Fat Fish jet ski tours have the same discount. Take a trip in a submarine to see all the underwater wildlife without getting wet with a 30% discount or swim with dolphins for only half the normal rate!

Want to learn to dive? Cayman has some of the best diving in the world and many dive schools offer 50% off the normal rates to residents. Sunset House has resident rates as low as just US $220 to become qualified and once you are certified, you can get reduced rates on hiring dive gear and going on boat dives!

Discounts for residents apply to amazing restaurants and well-known attractions as well, including the fun and family-friendly Turtle Farm and the beautiful and relaxing Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Gardens, but the rewards aren’t limited to this.

Even people who live in paradise need vacations, and because where we live is so beautiful we don’t need to leave, so we go on Staycations. This is the perfect opportunity to make the most of the stunning island you live on. Stay at a resort on the famous Seven Mile beach or hire a private villa in the secluded East End for a very low price.

For more information on resident rates across the island, have a look here:


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