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CML attended the recent Cayman Captive forum at The Ritz-Carlton organised by the Insurance Managers Association of Cayman (IMAC ), and it was good to see some familiar faces there.  According to reports in The Cayman Compass, there was a record number of attendees with 1,176 delegates present over the 3 day event.

CNS released the following article today, which pays particular attention to McKeeva Bush’s opening of this year’s Cayman Captive Forum, where he spoke about the imminent updates to the Insurance Law (2010), which is seen very much as an effort to pave the way for the Reinsurance industry to consider a relocation to Cayman, as well as a continued effort to attract more and more of the Captive Insurance industry to domicile in Cayman.

Anyone who read Steve McIntosh’s recent blog will understand the potential benefits of attracting the Reinsurance industry to Cayman, and what this could mean to the country as a whole in terms of jobs being created, and the economic growth and development that could result.


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