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The new CBS show “Undercover Boss” is a documentary/reality-style programme which follows a week in the life of a CEO who goes undercover as an entry-level employee in various divisions of the company. The aim is for the CEO to learn more about his employees, including what their job actually involves, what needs aren’t being met and how to improve the company’s efficiency and most importantly, employee satisfaction.

After watching it for the first time on Sunday night, it did get me wondering, could my boss do my job? Or any of the jobs in the company – then I was able to answer my own question – more than likely, Steve at one time was the only recruiter/administrator/marketer/accountant for CML! So I broadened my thoughts to Cayman generally and there are very few bosses here that could go undercover in an exercise like CBS’s … he/she would be recognized too easily! But there are still ways to get some of the same information as the TV show…

The CISHRP Top Employer Award (of which CML was a recipient this year) gathers information via an impersonal electronic survey (no cameras following you around on your daily tasks!) and collates it with other employees’ opinions to provide an overview of how the company is perceived by its staff.

From the CISHRP website:

“At the heart of our definition of a ‘Top Employer’ is a place where employees “trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with”. The premise is that a great workplace is measured by the quality of the three relationships that exist:

• The relationship between employees and management

• The relationship between employees and their jobs

• The relationship between employee and other employees”

Acting as an “Undercover Boss” the CISHRP Award highlights the companies in Cayman with the happiest employees. CML Offshore Recruitment is proud to have been the first (and only) recipient of the Top Employer Award in Small to Medium-sized Business. The recent launch event at the Ritz hopefully will stir the business community into action for a fiercer competition this year. Details and application forms on the awards can be found on the CISHRP website


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