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It’s always awesome to meet the pro’s of a sport, but to play with them is 10 times better! That’s exactly what Rich Harrison and Adam Bayley were rewarded with today on the tennis court playing against Jimmy Arias and Chanda Rubin. Unfortunately they went down in a first to 8 Pro-style game.

The match however was very entertaining with Arias the ever quick-witted comedian and even open to throwing a few positives to Bayley like “I can’t read your serve…”, “nice backhand…”, and at the end of the day it’s all about the enjoyment of playing Legendz like these guys, not winning. Arias, Rubin, Harrison and Bayley all stayed signing autographs for the adoring kids after a few words of encouragement from the Pro’s…”find what you love and just do it” Arias continued “i was 5yrs old when I realised I wanted to be a tennis pro and I worked at that 8hrs a day…”! Days like these are brilliant for adults and kids alike and Cayman is a better place for tournaments like these…


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