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Happy New Year everyone!

So I thought I was start the new year off on a light note, and a slightly gross one! I recently returned from my Christmas/New Year holiday break in Orlando with my in-laws. For anyone who has never visited Orlando and all of the fantastic theme parks on offer there, I would highly recommend it. Myself and my husband have been twice this year, much to the amusement of our colleagues and friends…

Anyway I’ll get to the point, at Universal Studios theme park there is a Fear Factor Live Show where visitors to the park can enter to be a part of it. For anyone who has never seen the real Fear Factor TV show, it is a competition where people have to do tasks involving all sorts of crazy/scary things such as jumping off buildings, being buried with rats and eating disgusting concoctions. This is where I come in; myself and my sister-in-law decided it would be a great idea if someone from the family were to enter the show (namely our other halves), however there were no takers and so the girls had to step up. We signed up to do a team challenge, not knowing 100% what we had let ourselves in for, we signed the disclaimers and were on our way backstage.

Tiff and Emma take on Fear Factor

Once we were called up in front of the 1000+ people in the stands, not to mention the fact that it was being filmed and viewed across the park, we were told what we would have to do. We would be competing in a food challenge against a team of two boys – and because this was fear factor it wasn’t a normal ‘food’ challenge. They brought out 3 jugs, the first was full of fish guts and raw octopus, the second was off cuts of meat and the third sour mile… disgusting right?! Well that wasn’t it… they brought out an extra jug of insects, including ants, spiders, worms and crickets! All of this was very briefly blended up (still lumpy) and put into a cup for each of us. The aim was that myself and Emma had to drink our cups quicker than the boys, it was disgusting and absolutely stank but we put in a good effort and ploughed through our cups… unfortunately we just missed out, however I wasn’t that upset when I found out that one of the boys claimed to like eating cockroaches for fun and they only won a plastic cup!

Anyway the moral of the story is, that although this was absolutely gross, my New Year’s resolution was to try new things and so far I think I’m on track.

I’ve got a video of the ‘ordeal’ which I will post to CML’s Facebook page if anyone’s interested, however I would advise not watching whilst eating!


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