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Ok, well not really – what I mean is: I landed. And then I crashed… I can sense you all staring blankly at the screen. What I mean is: I crashed from exhaustion.

A lot of you would understand the feeling of jetlag. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then lucky you! For those of you who have experienced this chronobiological-related problem (yes, I used google), I expect copious amounts of sympathy.

On Saturday afternoon, we arrived back in Cayman from a 3 week holiday, and I am suffering majorly! (Not from the holiday, the holiday was amazing)! We had been in Melbourne, which is 15 hours ahead of Cayman. Last time I made that journey was when I first arrived in Cayman. It took me three weeks to adjust to the time difference. I was waking up at 3am every morning and not able to get back to sleep, and then by lunch time I was struggling to keep my eyes open.

This week hasn’t been fun (except for work, of course – I LOVE WORK!!). On Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights, I wasn’t able to get to sleep before about 2am. Last night (Wednesday) I was asleep just before midnight. But each day I feel like I’m the walking dead. On Monday I felt tired, but apparently I looked ‘fresh’ (thanks Tiff!!). As each day goes by, the reflection staring back at me from the mirror is looking more and more exhausted. I feel tired, yet I can’t sleep… And you know how when you get tired, you get grumpy?? Oh… you don’t get grumpy when you’re tired??… Yeah, neither do I…

So anyway, whilst I was thinking of how to make this blog relevant to you all, I figured that jetlag is a common issue affecting anyone travelling across different time zones! And whilst I am CLEARLY not an expert in the issue, I have done some research to help you out:

Here are the top tips that I found of different things you can try:

1. Turn clockwise three times, and click your heels together twice, then lie down on your bed and shut your eyes.
2. Let out all of the oxygen in your lungs, and take 10 sips of water.
3. Count sheep, kangaroos and koalas jumping over a fence, in that SPECIFIC order. Otherwise it won’t work.

Ok, ok, I’ll be serious now…

The real tips are:

1. Sunlight helps regulate your body clock, so get out in the sun!
2. Force yourself to stay awake.
3. Drink LOTS of water (the air-conditioning on board a flight causes dehydration, worsening the effects of jetlag), and do lots of exercise. This helps to keep you awake at the time, and then your body is tired at night.
4. Make sure you force yourself to stay awake during the day when you land, and fall asleep at night.
5. Xanax.

Now I want to be honest with you here – I have done all of the above (minus the Xanax… But I did have a few sleeping tablets), and none of it has worked. I think that in conclusion we can safely say that there is no known immediate cure to jetlag.

If I find it, I promise I’ll let you know!!


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