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I was interested to read about the McAfee team visiting the Cayman Islands recently to discuss various solutions around Information and Data security. As Brian Contos, Senior Customer Security Strategist at McAfee highlights: “Cayman is a mecca for financial services, supported by legal, insurance and consultancies and so the sensitivity of data within the businesses on Cayman in regards to customer privacy and confidentiality, means we need to invest in data security as much as other financial services businesses around the world.” Some of the solutions available today enable IT teams on island to centralize their endpoint, network and data controls and have a single location to manage and analyse the data. This is so relevant for Cayman, as a number of businesses have such small teams with limited human resources and often need to transfer data off island to multiple sites.

A recent CML TV “Thought Leaders” video is a snapshot of leading IT solutions provider Ignition and their strategy for data security and disaster recovery. It is worth researching some of the new solutions in information security, especially as we head in to hurricane season. Watch this video to discover how Cayman and offshore businesses are well and truly ahead of the game when it comes to keeping company and customer data secure and protected:


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