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Applying for a job by e-mail is the norm for most people, its fast and a lot less hassle than hand delivering it or using the mail but here are a few things you should keep in mind when using e-mails if you want to stand a good chance of getting the job:

  • Don’t have an unprofessional email address. If you are known as “Mr. Lover lover” or “Sex kitten” it may be a good idea to get a new e-mail address especially for job searching as the employer could rule you out before they even look at your C.V.
  • Having a joint e-mail account and address with your partner is something that may make you look unprofessional and not very serious.
  • Do not be overly familiar and do not use sarcasm, humor is not well communicated via e-mail and there are no nonverbal cues so people so often find the underlying meaning hard to understand if at all.
  • Change your e-mail signature if it contains a jokey, political or religious message, it could again ruin your chances.
  • Don’t send out your CV to multiple employers or companies, it makes you look desperate and you need to show that you have conducted a thorough and targeted job search.
  • Do not use your work e-mail account to apply for other jobs, as employers may assume that you may do the same if you were to work for them.


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