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Social Media Confusion

It can be a bit confusing...

When I go to the beach with my friends, I inevitably get teased and splashed because rather than diving into the (relatively) cold water, I like to “ease in”. I take my time, because I just don’t like the shock of the cold water and I prefer to acclimatize to it slowly.

Getting familiar with social media can be a similar process.

I’ve been promoting social media use for business, and understandably, lots of people are still quite skeptical about it. In many cases people are just uncomfortable with the different platforms or find them cumbersome. One way to get comfortable with social media is to start slowly, using it initially to follow things you love. You can start with one interest, and add more as you get more comfortable. One of my great loves is food – fresh, local, home-made, exotic, weird – I love to cook and explore all kinds of cuisine. In fact, food is the reason I got familiar with RSS feeds, so that I could follow my favorite food blogs. Another thing I love is fashion. While I’m no supermodel, I can’t resist looking at the glossy, colourful magazine spreads full of designer shoes and jewelry, and I admit that I follow several magazines on my personal Twitter account. If you love fashion, but are averse to social media, try using it as your motivation to get familiar with platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. It’s New York Fashion Week, so there’s no time like the present – here’s a link to get you started: “How To: Follow New York Fashion Week Online”. And for the sports fans out there: if you’ve read my blog on the dangers of multitasking, you know I like American football, and newsflash: every single NFL team is on Twitter. I bet your favorite team (American football or otherwise) is there too.

Once you start using social media to follow things you love, it becomes second nature and all the easier to use in your business life. Use it to follow business blogs, connect with colleagues, and reach out to business partners. Come up with your own unique ways to make it work for you!

If you need help setting up a social media account for business/career use, email me, and we’ll ease in together.


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