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This week my right hand woman has left CML to return to her chosen career path in retail.  Despite preferring a retail environment, Kym was a great asset to our office, demonstrating that dynamism and common sense can go a long way towards achieving success in many situations.

What is your ideal job?  A quick poll of my friends found that they would much rather be working as formula one drivers, rock stars or astronauts.  You might not currently be working in the job you aspire to but there are still very good reasons to do a good job until the day that you do make it.

Make a positive impression and demonstrate a committed work ethic, regardless of what you are working on.  This is especially important if you work in a small industry or live on a small island.  By way of their job, most people come into contact with lots of other people, who know the rest of the people.  There is a theory that everyone on the planet is connected through six degrees of separation.  In a small industry or on a small island, this could be just two degrees.

Learn and develop yourself and good working habits.  Being in employment can boost your self confidence and help you stay ‘in the loop’ with industry specific and technological advances.  In any job, you will undoubtedly pick up skills and knowledge that will be transferable, help you to become more efficient, and be invaluable for the future.


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