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According to the latest REC report in association with KPMG released on the 3rd of August, Jobs growth in the UK was still happening – albeit at a very slow pace. However that was not what caught my eye, within the report it suggests that more people were placed in jobs by recruitment agencies. Why is this? Well I believe it is because people who are motivated to work want to do so through the path of least resistance. The consultancy will tell them what jobs are available, how their CV stacks up, arrange the interview and negotiate post interview feedback and any offers.

This then sparked a conversation with a visitor from the US, who was adamant that consultancies get a hard time. He stated “ So we give you our CV then sit back till you find us a job and all we have to do is nail an interview….. And do you know what the best thing about this is? For the candidate it’s free! How can we moan about something that we are not even paying for?” This really struck a chord with us as we strive to do the utmost for all our candidates because having access to the best is how we stay in business.  We honestly really want to place everybody we meet!

So to paraphrase Jerry Maguire “help us, help you!” it’s tough out there! Competition for every job is fierce and even here in an offshore jurisdiction we always have more than one applicant for every job. In the current environment consultancies are overrun with applicants, so it pays to be nice. Treat them as you would a potential employer, because it’s their first impressions of you that will make them remember you when that perfect role comes along!


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