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Those of you who know me would know that I’m not the most athletic girl in the world.

I joined a gym a few years ago – $59 per month – and I only went 8 times (probably less). The problem with this is that I was a member for 3 years. I went to cancel my membership at one stage, and when I was asked why I was leaving I said that I hadn’t been for over a year and it was wasting my money. I was then asked if I was a student, to which I said that yes I was. So they told me about this super deal they had going for students, that was only $49 per month, “And it’s only a couple of months away from Summer so you’ll need to keep your membership to get a bikini ready body!” I was told. I thought he had a point, so I walked away still a member of the gym. And I never went back.

I joined a gym in October last year… I’ve been twice…

Last year, my boyfriend ran the New York Marathon. That’s 26.2 miles! Or 42 kilometers! In other words, it’s a reeeeallly long way. The course went through all the boroughs of New York and at one point does a U-turn. So I met him at mile 15 and mile 21 (or thereabouts) to cheer him on and hand him a drink. I cut across the 6 blocks from mile 15 to mile 21, then afterwards got lost walking around in Central Park looking for the finish line (because I wasn’t smart enough to follow the track…). That night when we got back to the hotel I had tears in my eyes (keep in mind he is the one that just ran 26 miles):

Boyfriend: Ab, what’s wrong?
Me: I can’t tell you.
Boyfriend: Of course you can – are you all right?
Me: (crying) my legs are so sore!

As you can see from the stories above – exercise is not my forte.

So you may be surprised to find out I will be doing a bootcamp for the next month or so. None of these ridiculous ‘let’s get up at 4.30am to run around with the rising sun’ type things. This is a more civilized bootcamp that starts at 6.30pm. I will be doing it 2 or 3 days per week.

I went to my first session on Wednesday evening. It was quite funny actually, to see how many muscles I don’t actually have. I struggled with pretty much everything, and know for a fact that I wasn’t doing a couple of the exercises properly. How, you may ask? Well because my back is killing me, when I should have sore legs instead…

On Thursday morning I was convinced I was dying. Nothing that is apparently so good for you should EVER hurt that much. I’m not going to give up yet though. I’ll let my body recover from this week, and be back out there next week.

I’m begging you to pray for me.

Abbey - after bootcamp.



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