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Marcello Santi has. Marcello is the Golf Pro at Britannia Golf Course on Grand Cayman and has been on the PGA tour for over 15 years whilst also calling Cayman home outside of his birthplace – Italy. He also played with Jack Nicklaus a few years back and remembers chatting about the Britannia Golf Course, (located at the Grand Cayman Beach Suites) which is designed by Jack Nicklaus, whilst they played on tour. Nicklaus remembers the famous Cayman golf ball that no matter how hard you hit it, it never travelled farther than 100yds…

Sounds like my kind of golf! After seeing Marcello spank a few 250+ all landing within yards of each other I was impressed. He’s a nice guy, down to earth and has an impressive amount of professional experience. Richie Bray, the clubhouse associate at Britannia, wants to take Marcello on for a round of 18, however Marcello doesn’t play professionally any more – just for fun and also for lessons! He enjoys his golf and enjoys Cayman and the local people even more.

Hear from the Pro and take a peak at one of Cayman’s finest courses Grand Cayman Beach Suites – Britannia Golf Course.


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