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I’ve come across this discussion on LinkedIn CIPD group and I thought I’d share and ask my fellow colleagues what their answer would be.
The question was “Describe in three words what do you actually do”.

This got me thinking, would I describe my job in three words? I normally think that my work is about ‘enhancing business performance’, however if you catch me on a bad day you are more likely to get ‘juggling and firefighting’ or ‘cleaning up mess’!

What would be yours?

Here are some examples of how other HR Professionals described what they do in three words, some of them rather unorthodox:

  1. Collaborate with operations, or, deliver realistic HR
  2. Justify, justify, justify!
  3. Love My Job
  4. Facilitate peoples learning
  5. Involve, engage, change
  6. My three words would be …..define, develop, achieve. Although, I have had
    feedback describing me as a “Mr Magic Facilitator”.
  7. Get stuck in!
  8. Support, influence, develop
  9. develop future leaders
  10. Expert plate spinner!
  11. facilitate business solutions
  12. Do things differently
  13. try to help
  14. Build Sustainable Organisations
  15. talk to people
  16. continuing professional development
  17. protect the business
  18. Juggle, Support, Care
  19. Find great people
  20. Get people talking
  21. Solve people issues
  22. Connect, Empower, Inspire
  23. Help people improve
  24. Get people thinking
  25. Protect Clients’ Businesses


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