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10 April marked a momentous day around the globe to “Celebrate Attorneys Everywhere”. I have a horrible feeling it got overlooked here in Cayman, so read on for more information so you can get involved in 2013.

It is the brainchild of motivational speaker, and someone who has worked with lawyers for years, Steve Hughes and according to his website he’s just a regular guy who thinks “attorneys should look cool in real life and not just on TV or in the movies”.  Hughes felt that lawyers needed a day to be honored and treated like regular people.

Sick of the bad rap they get, his tongue-in-cheek website explains:

One day as Steve was putting away the decorations from National Bubble Wrap Day (late January) his thoughts drifted to National Ice Cream Day (late July) and then it struck him.  Why not a special day for lawyers?  Lawyers are just as good as bubble wrap and ice cream, in fact, they’re better.  Thus, the idea for NATIONAL BE KIND TO LAWYERS DAY was hatched.

His informative site provides useful ‘cool lawyer facts’ including that “handsome” actor Gerard Butler indeed went to law school as did Robert Louis Stevenson, Mahatma Ghandi and of course acclaimed legal novelist John Grisham.

But by far the most useful and witty part of his site is the ‘How to Participate’ page that helps you get started and get your legal kindness flowing. A selection of the best tips:

  • Abstain from telling lawyer jokes for 24 hours.
  • Take your favorite lawyer out to breakfast or lunch (make sure it’s not billable!).
  • Do some simple repairs around the house with a gavel instead of your trusty hammer.
  • Take notes at a meeting on a legal pad.  Don’t you just feel smarter looking at the glorious yellow hue of that 8-1/2″ x 14″ pad?
  • Send your lawyer a “just because” greeting card or a bouquet of flowers.

For the full list see here.

I’m pretty sure the lawyers around Cayman were not showered with affection as Hughes intended, so note this in the diary for next April and get those warm fuzzies flowing…


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