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This week I have been puppy-sitting while my colleague Simon has been on holiday.  Chica is a shih-poo (a shih tzu crossed with a poodle) who loves to steal flip flops.  She was angelic when she arrived but now she’s a little bit crazy and I’m worried we’ve taught her to be naughty!


I know of several animal lovers who have brought their four legged friends to the island with them, and many others who have adopted a new pet locally.  If you are thinking of relocating but unsure about whether you can bring your pet, it might not be as difficult as you imagine.  The Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture (DOA) can provide more information on the most up to date requirements:

If you are settled in Cayman and looking for a pet, the Humane Society always has lots of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens looking for their new home:

The Humane Society also encourages volunteers to walk the dogs and offer ‘sleepovers’ to the animals waiting to be adopted.

If you would prefer a purebred pet, local vets will be able to point you in the right direction.  The Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts (CARE) also provide valuable information about caring for your pet:

Cayman is dog-friendly and several bars and restaurants will welcome you with your dog.  Dogs are allowed on the beach and there are several options for kennels, doggy day care and grooming services.

Chica goes home today but I think she has enjoyed her holiday.  She’s had lots of play time.  I just hope she hasn’t learnt too many naughty habits in one week!


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