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…IMAC is a non-profit organisation run by the insurance managers of the Cayman Islands.  In operation since 1981, IMAC’s aim is to act as both a regulatory liaison with the Cayman Islands Government and to promote the Cayman Islands as a domicile of choice for captive insurance companies. IMAC hosts the world’s largest captive insurance conference, attracting nearly 1,300 captive managers, service providers and directors annually: .

So there you have it, now you know all about IMAC… or do you! Well I can tell you from my personal experience, IMAC have working for them some of the best quality of people you could ever meet.

They are decent, available and responsive any time of day. I felt very fortunate to work with a truly great bunch of people on this video production. Not an ego in site! Just really honest down to earth characters, that work behind the scenes at IMAC, to make a difference wherever they can.  “It was a real pleasure gentlemen.”

If you would like to understand more about IMAC then please watch our video and ‘like’ it.


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