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The world is about to see talents so unique, so untapped and so raw – coming straight out of the Cayman Islands. I am talking about local television and film makers, they are hungry to get themselves out there and make their mark. As the Cayman Islands will boom, so will television production. Mark my words, the opportunities will be boundless!

I have just started working for CML TV and what an eye opener it has been! In just these few days I have been blown away by the talent around us. For example working with Ben and Mari from Beneficial has been a refreshing experience to say the least. Their enthusiasm and vision for the future is simply encouraging and inspiring! Unlike most ‘creative’s’ by this I mean people who work in film and television production, the attitude here is admirable and one the world could learn from. There are no egos, there is a willingness to learn and adapt according to any environment and there is endless passion and hunger to expand and explore new boundaries. I cannot express enough how enthused I feel, when I witness some of the work being produced and all the potential there is around.

The Cayman Islands is fast becoming a melting pot for talent from around the world.  I was impressed for instance by Abbey’s natural flair in front of the camera. CISPA Gala video Undoubtedly, CMLTV are at the forefront of enhancing and exhibiting on and off camera talent – from presenting to production, they are working with a rich blend of nationalities that have  come together from Australia, Japan, Belize and the UK. You would not see this anywhere else. It is this blend of cultures and experiences that will  bring out a unique and different approach to production, that will set it apart from anything we have seen before.

The future of production for the Cayman Islands is indeed very bright!

I have around ten years experience working in the television world in the UK and US. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with a broad range of people from world experts and politicians to pop stars and reality stars like the Big Brother housemate. I have also worked to the other extreme in capturing victim’s stories who suffered greatly after a mining tragedy. At the end of the day, these are all people with great life experiences and stories to tell.  Nothing gives me greater satisfaction, than to put together a visually stunning and honest portrayal, of these very human experiences. It is always an education, not just for the audience but for everyone within the production team, who go through an intense journey to bring an idea to life.  The sacrifices made by production staff can be great, but the rewards are huge! No amount of money can buy you the experience there is to be had, like filming at 10 Downing Street and meeting hugely influential people. Though I will insist on saying the television world is far from glamorous, in fact it is more about hard work and dedication. I have worked through the night on more than one occasion and would often spend my weekends working against the clock to get a programme transmitted.

Working long hours is very much a part of being in the industry and accepted as the norm. Making something visually great, becomes your passion, it gets into your blood and is very hard to get it out. It is what drives you and so it becomes an integral part of your character. So imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to see the same passion and motivation, here in the Cayman Islands. Yes, island production is a lot more of a relaxed affair, I mean you can edit on the beach and write a script whilst sitting out in the sun. There is nothing quite like it! This is why I am so inspired to see no matter where you come from in the world, all creative’s are like kindred spirits and have an almost obsessive desire to create and keep taking things to another level. So far I like what I see around me! CMLTV has in its grasps the crème de la crème of home grown talent. This is an exciting time and I look forward to seeing what will unfold. I know it will be bold and astounding!


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