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The Cayman Islands cater for so many different hobbies and pastimes – this was reflected on Tuesday by the gathering of so many at Camana Bay to witness  the passing of Venus between Earth and the Sun.

Here in Cayman, obviously the sun is a major influence upon our daily routine, but this was a different occurrence happening apparently once in a lifetime the next one due in 2117, so I expect to miss that one too, but that doesn’t mean everyone else didn’t catch it.

The Cayman Islands Astronomical Society organised an event on the rooftop of the Observation Tower in Camana Bay where hundreds of stargazers turned out to view the spectacle.  Apparently 1,000 special darkened glasses where handed out during the event.

Unfortunately my knowledge of stars tends to come from the E News network, so I had to turn to my other half for some advice; actually he just wittered on about it (not E news).  So here are the facts according to him: The sun is about 93 million miles away and made up of exploding hydrogen, or some thing like that. Venus on the other hand of course it’s not a star it’s a planet with hot clouds and 250 miles an hour winds. Apparently it’s approximately the same size as Earth and at one stage it had very similar conditions to our planet,  then something went really wrong millions of years ago…I suspect that’s had something to do with the men on it …!!! Oh…wait was that…men are from Mars…!!! 🙂


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