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Hiring the perfect candidate may be next to impossible, but by keeping in mind some of the points listed below when you’re working with your recruiter, you can help to streamline the process and gain a selection of near perfect candidates for your review.

1. The List.
Identify as many requirements as possible – no matter how insignificant. By matching as many criteria as possible, we can try to find someone who’s not only the most qualified, but someone who will fit into the team and meet the targets you set.

2. Let’s Hunt.
Let your recruiter know if you’re willing to “poach” another candidate from a competitor, there may be someone you have your eye on already! Also, look in your address book for any contacts in your industry that you admire. They may be willing to make a referral, this way we can approach them and you will receive the benefit of their industry knowledge and expertise.

3. Shortlisting.
You have very particular needs that you have listed at the beginning of the process, now, before we introduce them to you, we will shortlist the candidates that meet your necessary requirements. This process includes a thorough interview by your recruiter and any testing that you want. We have a wide variety of skills tests to choose from, but we can also recommend the most relevant for the position at hand.

4. Closing the deal.
Making a career move is a daunting prospect for anyone, so timing is of utmost importance. Push too soon for an answer and they may be inclined not to budge; wait too long and they may be enticed to stay at their current position, or even worse, take up another role. Your recruiter is very experienced in handling this part of the process and will also be able to tell you if any additional perks or bonuses will sway the candidate your way.

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