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The CML IT recruitment team has seen a significant increase in the number of software development opportunities across Cayman and Bermuda over the last month, with a real need for experienced .NET developers. This means an increased demand to bring in talent from overseas countries, so good news for all Software Developers who are keen to escape the onshore world and explore the delights of offshore living in Cayman or Bermuda.

We are currently working alongside both consultancy businesses and also companies who need Developers to design, develop, test and support complex applications in-house. If you have 5 years+ experience of C#, SharePoint and .Net development then take a look at our up to date list of opportunities across Cayman and Bermuda by clicking here.

Speak to our consultants here at CML Offshore Recruitment who are based in Cayman and who have first-hand experience of living and working in Cayman and Bermuda. We are well equipped to advise you on making the move overseas.

Go on, take the plunge! Utilise your skill set, gain international business exposure and lead a low tax/ tax free lifestyle in the sun!


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