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This week has seen major revolutionary releases amongst the Smartphone community across the various manufacturers and vendors; notably Google / Samsung, Blackberry / RIM, Motorola / Droid and iPhone.

Each are claiming their software, hardware and finished product to be at the cutting edge of technology. Blackberry and RIM have some work to do with their new innovation, in order to appease past generations of Blackberry user that were unwittingly cut off with their infrastructural mishap of last week. Subsequently Blackberry have announced the launch of BBX; the next generation mobile platform, built on a HTML5 development –

Apple have released the iPhone4S as well as identified a launch date for iPhone5. The most advanced iPhone as yet released, this has once again strengthened Apple’s hold on the market.

Motorola / Droid have released the thinnest Smartphone ever – just 7.1mm thick in fact. Made of Gorilla glass, with a stainless steel core and carbon fibre structure they have assured prospective users that it will withstand all shocks, drops and bangs.

Finally, Google have announced the launch of their ‘Ice Cream sandwich’. Yes, really it is a Smartphone…their next generation Android OS no less. The ‘ice cream’ aspect is the launch of a truly innovative technology known as ‘Android Beam’ – a variation of Near Fields Communication technology. The Android Beam, essentially means that if you collide (gently of course) two phones together, information is automatically transfered from one to the other. No need for time consuming data links, uploads or transfers, just a quick snap and job done…

Whilst the iPhone continues to be the leading brand name in Smartphone technology, it really is an exciting market with so much ongoing growth, demand and innovation, it’s impossible to predict what will possible.


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