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A Magical Meeting

I used to work with someone who used to have to go to a lot of meetings. In fact, I think throughout my working life, I’ve probably worked with a lot of people who have had to go to lots of meetings. But this one person used to go to “meetings”. Get it? Special meetings. Magical meetings… Pretend meetings.

I used to get really frustrated because this person would actually tell me that they had personal errands to run – And that put me in an awkward position. Not only because I had to pick up the slack, but if someone asked where that person was, would I lie to my bosses, or betray one of the people I had to work alongside every day?

What is the right thing to do in that situation? No one likes a tattle-tail. No one wants to be unprofessional by speaking about their colleagues behind their back. But no one wants to be a part of a team that doesn’t pull their weight. No one wants to share credit for something that they did all by themselves…

It seems that Google has found a solution. It won’t get anyone in trouble that doesn’t deserve to get in trouble!

Let me introduce you to Google Maps Coordinate. It’s main purpose is not actually to actually ‘keep tabs’ on employees, but you can see where different team members are by tapping into GPS devices on their cell phones. This allows businesses to be able to assign/schedule work to the nearest available team member in a much more efficient way. And if that team member happens to be at home asleep on the couch… well then maybe they might get found out!

I’m not sure it would be so great for people like me who leave their phones at home though…


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