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I’m sure I have at least 20 different passwords for various things, and how I remember them all is beyond me! However, like many other people I’m sure, I do use the same password for many applications, websites and networks, which I know is just a headache waiting to happen when some loser decides it’ll be funny to hack into one of my preferred sites. Like LinkedIn.

Happily, my LinkedIn password was one of the different ones. I have no idea why I decided to choose a completely separate password for this particular networking site all those years ago, but I did! 🙂

So in deciding how to create a new LinkedIn password, I did a little research and found some common themes, i.e.

  1. You should not use the same passwords over multiple sites.
  2. You should change your passwords on these sites every few months.
  3. You should pick a password that’s not easily guessed.

Apparently some people had some really easy passwords for LinkedIn, like “LinkPass” or “BobLink”. See some more here.

But really, remembering multiple passwords, changing them several times a year and thinking of ones that are not easily guessed sounds really hard! So I also read a good article on how to create passwords you can remember.

So now that I’ve changed everything, hopefully I’ll be able to remember them all, and not revert back to Cat1234 in a few months. (just kidding, hackers)


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