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This week, the newly appointed CEO of Yahoo, Scott Thompson was unearthed as having lied on his CV! Scott declared that he has a degree in computer science, when it in fact he doesn’t!

It’s a shame that an executive at his level with an already successful track record of leading large consumer technology companies would feel the need to embellish on his CV and stretch the truth. As a candidate considering a new role, any sort of ‘white lie’ on your CV serves to undermine your credibility and questions your integrity. Worse still, it would stop you securing the role and in a small market, could affect your chances of securing another role in the future. So, after reading this CV scandal I thought to research a few other CV writing faux pas. It is definitely worth noting what employers apparently dislike in a CV:

  • A poorly written and laid out CV where information is cluttered and difficult to read
  • Not demonstrating relevant skills or competencies, lack of relevant experience in relation to industry and sector
  • Poor communication skills in the CV and covering letter
  • Waffling and including unrelated data
  • Being repetitive

And finally, not on the list, but evidently it does need listing…don’t lie or embellish on your education and qualifications! The truth always comes back to haunt you!


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