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Today marks my two month anniversary in Cayman and I wanted to share some insights for those contemplating a move out here. The good, the bad and the amazing..

1. You settle into life here extremely quickly and life is just plain good.
2. Ex-pats are a really friendly bunch and remember what it’s like to be the newbie, so don’t panic you won’t be a loner for long..
3. Real estate agents are super helpful and it is a renter’s market at the moment so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a place to suit your needs. We live in an apartment about 5 times the size of our previous place in London. It’s brilliant.
4. The beach is only ever a couple of blocks away and the sunsets just never get old.
5. Yesterday, for a fleeting moment, I felt cold for the first time in 2 months. I had actually forgotten what it felt like.
6. Waiting in the queue to arrange your vehicle registration is not fun, but you get through it.
7. Iguanas are not my friends, but I’ve learnt to let them within a 10m radius of me now.
8. The restaurants here will blow your mind.
9. Do not be mistaken, the netball league is not social, it is competitive. We learned that the hard way but we’re getting there..


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