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The end of the year, we can all agree, is generally a time when people take stock of what they’ve accomplished in the past 12 months and start the next year with a clean slate/new approach/good intentions/resolutions etc.

It felt like Social Media was the hot topic in our office in 2011, with much blogging, tweeting, linked-ining (?) and of course Facebook(ing) going on to promote our jobs, events and general news from the recruitment world.

So a few days before Christmas I noticed we only needed a few more ‘likes’ to reach 1000 fans on our Facebook page before the end of the year! 1000 fans! New slate for 2012! Great achievement in 2011! We’d be in the same bracket as other local companies such as Digicel, Caymanian Compass, Sunset House and Hot 104!

And so a BIG thank you to all of our Fans who helped us reach this milestone before 31st December 2011!

From looking at the Facebook pages of other companies similar to ourselves, we have progressed extremely well in 2011 – the blogging, tweeting, status updates and Facebook posts have not been in vain…


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