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Haha – made you look! I know it’s not a laughing matter – I know, and I’m sorry for making a joke about it.

It feels like every time I turn on the TV (whether it’s to watch the Bachelorette or Kardashian’s), there is another update on the Eurozone crisis. We should be able to take bets on who will be going down next…The news channels are making it look like a domino effect with impending doom. I know it’s a serious issue and that it shouldn’t be joked about (and so far I’m not doing a great job of keeping my mouth shut), so to educate myself a little more on what is currently happening, I first read an article by CNNMoney’s Ben Rooney (Click HERE), and then read a brief history on BBC (Click HERE) which has a timeline of everything that’s happened since 1999 when the Euro officially came into existence.

For people living in the Euro zone, it can be hard to see what ‘will be’ in the future – so it seems there’s no time like the present to consider a move offshore!

We are currently recruiting for the following:

  • Qualified Accountants with experience in Audit, Funds, Trust and Insolvency, for positions in Cayman, Bermuda and BVI
  • Qualified Lawyers who have been admitted in either Cayman, Bermuda, BVI, Channel Islands, England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand or Canada; and who have gained significant post-qualification experience in funds, corporate, banking, trusts or commercial litigation at a major recognized international corporate law firm in one of those jurisdictions (ie. Magic Circle type firm)
  • Legal Secretaries with extensive knowledge and recent experience in a Commonwealth jurisdiction.
  • IT professionals with experience as .Net Developers, SharePoint Developers or Network Administrators

If you are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel and think you may have what we’re looking for, forward your CV to Alternatively, check out our live vacancies at We look forward to hearing from you, and hope that we can help.

Please note that strict immigration regulations in offshore jurisdictions require international candidates to have extensive knowledge and recent relevant experience relating to the position that they are placed in. Whilst we would love to help everyone, we cannot guarantee that we can. You will receive a reply in response to your application to let you know whether or not you have been successful.


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