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There has been a debate for some time what is the perfect drink in the Caribbean…well, it’s 33 degrees outside and sunny…my suggestion = cold beer!

But when the sun starts going down and I’m discussing with my wife where we should go out for dinner, I start thinking about lamb or steak or ribs…and a beer just isn’t the same as a good wine with a nice slab of meat! I tried a delicious taste tester the other day at Jacques Scott…It was a blend from California of Zinfandel, Syrah and Merlot…perfect with a nice slab of meat!

The question then beckons (due to the gorgeous weather outside) whether to drink it chilled or at room temperature? As long as you let it breathe, I don’t mind!

Check out the range of wines at Jacques Scott in the Cayman Islands and don’t forget to try the Apothic red wine from California – it’s a keeper! Well, damn drinkable anyway!

Watch our latest CML TV Video – Jacques Scott Wine & Spirits


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