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Bat caves in the Cayman Islands, well I had no idea!!! One of the best parts of my job is carrying out interviews. Oddly enough I end up having the most fascinating conversations off camera. It is normal to relax the interviewee by talking to them about subjects they are interested in. I find this is a great technique in calming down those that are camera shy. At the same time I am always struck by the weird and wonderful conversations we end up having. Whilst the crew are checking the sound quality or changing the camera angle, I often find myself engaged in some rather educational conversations. In this week’s random off camera conversation – I learnt about bats in the Cayman Islands.

It seems a great means of income has been found tucked away in North Side. A rustic trail will lead you to the mouth of a huge cave where you can see before you an abundance of wildlife, most notably bats. Yes! Hanging upside down vampire like, they remain still usually asleep in the dark. Almost without fail they leave their cave at six every evening in their hoards. They take to the night sky for their evening feed, in search of mosquitoes, insects and fruit.

Although bats are very vulnerable to extinction throughout the world, I was amazed to find they have been a part of Cayman wildlife for 14,000 years. Not only that, they are nine species of bats in the Cayman Islands. The Northside caves have become a crucial habitat for bats and where eco tourism is set to grow. Visiting a bat cave at the weekend is definitely a very different thing to do and should be promoted more on island. If you want to learn more about the bats in Cayman read about them here on the National Trust website:


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