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Two weeks ago, I moved to Cayman to join the force that is the CML Offshore IT Recruitment team. I visited the island back in January for what was initially just a 10 day stint of sun and relaxation, staying with one of my oldest friends who has lived here for 2 years. So, always the recruiter (ok so maybe it was a job for ME!), I scoped out the local recruitment agencies, spoke to a few residents, and on my return to the UK, I contacted CML to see if they were in need of a new consultant, and thankfully – they were! I say thankfully because on day 2 of the holiday, I just knew that I wanted to live here – who wouldn’t?!… How many people get offered the opportunity to live on the beach, in the 30 degree sunshine? Every weekend is like a summer holiday!

So, after deciding that I was good for CML (and CML was good for me) I began preparations for the big move… is this is when the stress begins? No not really… A swift 8 week turnaround ensued, including renting out my house. This should be stressful but wasn’t at all. The property rental market is so buoyant back home, my house let within a week, after the 2nd viewing! Of course the goodbyes can be a bit tearful.. but they weren’t! We are only a 10 hour flight away from the UK. Most friends and family were trying to book their flights out to Cayman before I had even got on the plane!!! They were pushing me on the plane! I was expecting to find them at Owen Roberts airport welcoming me!

Of course, the move is also a commercial one. Not only have I just moved out to a tax haven on the beach with an ever growing social calendar, I have also escaped the ongoing troublesome economic climate in the UK and Europe, including increased unemployment and a difficult recruitment landscape (to say the least) – and now the UK has confirmed it’s in a double dip recession. Having recruited in the UK for over 8 years now, the move definitely came at the right time. I survived the 2008-2009 recession –just(!) and I really don’t want to be in the UK for the next wave thank you! Instead, I am now living offshore, paying absolutely NO TAX! Awesome!

So in summary, relocating out to Cayman has not been stressful at all…it’s actually been a bit too easy! I’m embarking on a new adventure in a beautiful tax haven, doing the job I love, surrounded by people who couldn’t be more welcoming and friendly. I am working hard of course, but I am having lots of fun! Whether you come out here on your own or with a partner, the sociable expat lifestyle is fantastic. Indeed, you are more likely to bump in to someone you know or definitely someone who knows someone you know from back home. The expat world is a small world!

So if you are thinking of taking the plunge….It’s a no brainer. Suddenly, life’s not looking too shabby!


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