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I know, I know, 2012 is not even a third of the way in, but already those smart folks at CareerCast have compiled their definitive guide of the Top 200 jobs of the Year.

Where does your job feature in the hotlist?

Spoiler Alert: For those who haven’t yet clicked, you’ll see that the Software Engineers; aka “Code Monkeys” are representing for the IT industry with a commanding first place – with the highest overall score when averaging work environment, income, stress level, physical demands and hiring outlook.

The worst, I hear you ask…A Lumberjack (unexpected, but not unreasonable) – high physical demands, stress and a pretty awful hiring outlook! Also down there; dairy farmers, soldiers and oil rig workers!

So are you living the dream? Or are you looking for a change? Do you take exception with where your chosen profession is ranked?


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