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Being prepared for an interview is so important, researching the company, the interviewers, the job and your work experience but often what we are going to wear and what that says about us is left until the last minute.

Dressing for an interview in Cayman is a little different to somewhere like London but it is still something that still requires some attention.

We would always recommend where possible you wear a suit, it is always better to be overdressed than under-dressed. Minimum jewelry, one or two rings on your hands, one set of earrings that are not jangly and a watch…. NOTHING else.  No face jewelry, no ankle bracelets or hoop earrings.

Don’t forget your shoes! Men make sure you have conservative and polished shoes, ladies the best option is a medium heeled, closed toe shoe.

Ladies also be careful of the large statement, printed handbag or carrying too much luggage, it can be distracting.

One common mistake that gets commented on often by clients in Cayman  is when a candidate dresses in what is probably their favourite and nicest outfit, but not the most conservative and sensible. It is actually just as bad to look like you are ready for a night out as it is to have made no effort at all.

Red is not the best colour to wear to an interview

For those at slightly higher levels it is also important to consider the colours you are wearing and what they say about you. A recent article by Gladys Stone & Fred Whelan discussed the reactions to the most common colours chosen for interviews.

  • Blue: You can’t go wrong with darker shades of blue, especially navy. Choosing from this powerful spectrum will project an image of someone who is in control. From the interviewer’s point of view, the color blue conjures up calm, stability, trust, truth, confidence and security. These are all great messages to send without saying a word.
  • Gray: After blue, gray is the second most popular color to wear for an interview. Like darker blue, it’s not a distracting color to the interviewer, which means they’ll be focused more on what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Gray denotes sophistication, so use it to your advantage.
  • Black: This is a commanding color and represents authority. Black also connotes drama, so use it carefully when putting together your interview outfit. You may want to use it as an accent — like in a scarf or tie, for instance — rather than as the primary color.
  • Red: This is an extremely powerful color. It’s so strong you should only use it as an accent color. Reds are associated with energy, passion, desire, power and aggression. People think of intensity and passion when they see the color red, so use it sparingly, or it could send the wrong message to the interviewer.
  • White: White shirts and blouses are always a safe bet. It sends the message of simplicity, cleanliness, precision and goodness.

Although giving some thought into what colour you wear and what it says about you, it shouldn’t be mulled on too long, after all wearing the right colour and not knowing about the company and role is very rarely going to lead to an offer.


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