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In light of the sad demise of Steve Jobs, it’s left many pundits and commentators wondering what direction Apple will take over the coming years. What products and platforms are they likely to launch and will they continue along such an innovative route.

On a slight tangent and taking these musings to another level, it got me wondering what an IT department would look like in a few years time.

According to the folks at ZDNet and Techrepublic, the IT industry is likely to take on a far more consolidated, streamlined approach. This is somewhat expected, what with all the Cloud and Virtualisation work currently being undertaken, but to what level will mobile, remote and social technology play a part?

These two articles certainly seem to have the same gist when concerned with the future. Read their conclusions, then draw yours. and

Either way, it’s an exciting time to be involved, just make sure you are continuing to use the cutting edge technology, otherwise you are sure to be left behind!


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