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Smiths Cove in South Sound, the perfect place to hang out.

The latest CMLTV video is about the district fondly known as South Sound  in Grand Cayman. South Sound is a hop away from George Town and the hospital, close to all the main schools and has a variety of sporting facilities to offer like the Squash Club, Tennis Club and Ruby Club.

In my opinion South Sound also has two of the loveliest restaurants on islands Grand Old House and Sunset House. Grand Old House is a delightful colonial style restaurant overlooking the sea, they host jazz evenings and have the best events team hosting weddings and parties for all occasions. The food of course is just out of this world. I was fortunate enough to pick them as my wedding caterers. To say my guests were impressed by the array of mouth watering food on the menu is an understatement.

Now Sunset House is my other favorite. A popular diving resort with an outdoor bar area looking out towards the Caribbean sea. It always seems to be filled with locals and visitors alike wanting to taste their delicious selection of curries.

Obviously I adore South Sound, my favorite spot is Smiths Cove it has the cutest little beach area nestled amongst trees, a great place for picnics and snorkeling. So quite simply the reason why I so enjoyed working on this production is because it is all about my most favorite things on the island.

I am very proud of this video, it has a very gentle Caribbean feel to it, yet oozes sophistication. The visuals are stunning and the attention to detail makes for an incredibly aesthetically pleasing watch.

Melissa Wolfe and Gordon McLaughlin carry the video beautifully with their interviews. The content is filled with appreciation for South Sound, how convenient and close it is to everything and how scenic and pleasurable the drive through the area is.

I love this video, due to the use of colour which is particularly noticeable as the video draws to an end. It is very stylized and rich in subtle detail.

It is almost therapeutic to watch, as a viewer you certainly get a feel for what a relaxed and friendly neighborhood South Sound is. Feel the calming influence of this video for yourself….


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