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It’s funny, it’s coming up to 5 years this summer since I embarked on my ‘full time’ career (starting to lose hope of any semblance of the football / soccer ability ever materialising now) and yet it still feels like yesterday that some University shenanigans were taking place.

Since then I’ve worked for a couple of organisations up in London, Barclays Bank and Badenoch & Clark. Whilst I enjoyed both jobs, the vibe of the people and my day to day responsibilities, there was always the nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right, there was always something preventing me from being 100% happy.

Having moved Offshore I think it’s much easier to identify what that is. I used to commute, at times, up to two hours each way. 4 hours a day of my life was spent in the company of generally oversized, sweaty, loud, coughing, smelly folk on a sweltering or freezing (depending on which season it wasn’t) train and tube. That’s approaching 17% of my life spent every day getting to and from work. Now deduct the recommended 8 hours of sleep you are supposed to get per night (which I wasn’t…perhaps another contributory factor) and that’s 25% of my awake life, every day, 5 days a week spent commuting. No wonder so many people call it the ‘rat race’.

Yet, at the end of the day, it’s only a commute. We’re not talking about salary, career prospects, job titles, colleagues…we’re talking about the day to day pursuit of getting from A – Bed to B – Desk and vice versa. Surely the commute is such a trivial chore, but why does it affect us so much?

This article, published by Reuters, shows that I’m certainly not alone!

I think I can safely glamorise Offshore relocation. The jobs are great, the environment is fantastic and now my commute is 3 minutes or 1 mile whichever you prefer to measure it in – granted it should be 20 minutes, but I’m still a touch lazy to walk at the moment! But it truly is a fantastic feeling waking up and it’s light. Getting home and it’s light. Making the most of your day!

It might be that simple, but surely that alone provides all the morale and encouragement you need to take the plunge! What do you think? If you want more information about moving Offshore, get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you in more detail…

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