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Social media has become a growing part of the hiring process, so it pays to be conscious of the fact that what you’re posting on your various profiles may have the effect of damaging your career prospects.

The global leader in human capital solutions, CareerBuilder, recently commissioned a survey of over 2000 hiring managers and human resources professionals to assess how many of them browse social media profiles and what it is they’re hunting for. 

The survey found that 37% of employers are turning to social media for this purpose and they are predominantly using Facebook (65%) and LinkedIn (63%) with 16% using Twitter. They’re looking for the candidate’s professional presentation, their qualifications and whether he or she will fit in to the corporate culture. Interestingly 11% of those surveyed said they couldn’t glean anything from social media sites about candidates because their corporate policy doesn’t allow it.

12% said they use social media to find out if there’s a reason not to hire a candidate. The top reasons include posting an innaproppriate photo, evidence of using drugs or drinking and bad mouthing former employers.

An HR expert at CareerBuilder offers some advice on how to keep your digital dirt clean:

”if you choose to leave social media content public, tailor the message to your advantage. Filter out anything that can tarnish your professional reputation and post communications, links and photos that portray you in the best possible light.”

So next time you’re pouring your heart out in a status update keep in mind “would I want my potential employer to know this?”

For the full findings see here


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