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The news that Irish firm Dillon Eustace has just opened an office in Cayman took many in the Cayman legal scene by surprise and has set many tongues wagging over the question that immediately sprang to everyone’s mind … who is their local business partner ?  My own sources have thus far failed in their efforts to ascertain the answer to that question but no doubt details will emerge in due course.

The arrival of Dillon Eustace in Cayman will also be prompting a further question in many a local lawyer’s mind – will any other Dublin firms be intending to follow suit ?

It will also be interesting to see if Dillon Eustace’s new Cayman office manages (or intends) to make any lateral partner hires from the major Cayman firms. Certainly when Maples & Calder and Walkers opened offices in Dublin in recent years they embarked on an aggressive hiring policy which saw a number of high profile partners from the most prominent Dublin firms jumping ship when the (no-doubt weighty) cheque books of those two offshore firms were brandished in their direction.

Dillon Eustace appears to have pursued a strategy (for the time being at least) that will make far less waves in the local market, instead choosing to launching its new office with the hire of a senior in-house lawyer from the Cayman office of Prosperity Capital Management –


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