Legal Secretaries

Competitive salary/hourly rate

About the opportunity

Who will I be working for?

Around the world the need for good legal secretaries continues to increase and their numbers decrease, leading to each one becoming more valuable in the employment market.  Cayman is no different and our clients are consistently requiring legal secretaries in our job market.

Legal secretaries belong to some of the most employable groups in the world. One important reason is that the skills necessary to be a good legal secretary carry over to many other positions and professions.


How will I make a difference?

Legal secretaries must possess skills and traits way above average, such as excellent MS suite knowledge, transcribing dictation and copy typing, general knowledge about computers and understanding of the legal system and legal vocabulary.

In addition to all that you must be an expert at time management, juggling activities and roles at the same time

Possess psychological skills, dealing daily with many personalities

Have excellent judgment to make dozens of critical decisions and at times have talents as a travel agent, personal shopper, living calendar, telephone directory, and mentor.

These are things may seem simple but in the detailed and pressured world of law they become magnified and an integral part of the law process.


What do I need

It is difficult to enter the industry with no experience however if you have strong secretarial, PA/EA experience or a senior administrative assistant who excels in all the areas we have discuss we would love to hear from you.


If this is your dream job but you don’t match all the requirements, please get in touch with one of our Career Team. We will work with you on your own personal development plan to help you get to where you want with your career.

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