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Trust Manager

As I had lived in Jersey and BVI, Island living was something I was well acquainted with prior to considering a move to Cayman. At the time I decided to make a change, I was focused on making a professional move in order to progress my career.

The Cayman Islands was already on my radar and, during a discussion with my manager, he had mentioned that I should reach out to CML.

I sent them my CV at 10 pm Cayman time and had a call within 5 minutes. I had a good chat with a Recruitment Consultant there and then.

 The recruiter impressed me by knowing exactly what the market was like.

My Recruitment Consultant kept in contact with me and was able to set up interviews for me that ultimately lead me to my current role with a large global organization, where I have structured career progression and the world is my oyster!

CML was very professional with handling my work permit and making sure everything was in order. My Recruitment Consultant went above and beyond to help me with accommodation, bank accounts, real estate agents, gym memberships…she even sent me a Christmas gift!

If you’re considering working with CML… all I can say is… DO IT!


Investment Funds Lawyer

My Recruitment Consultant has been excellent from start to finish. When meeting with me, he really took the time to listen and understand about me as an individual, thus determining what firm would be the right fit for me. His background knowledge of the employers is second-to-none. You can really see that he has a trusted network with different organisations, which means they vest time and trust in him when he refers a candidate to them. Having secured a role for me, my Recruitment Consultant has been on hand to answer every question and continues to support me in what will be one of the biggest moves of my career. I really feel that CML is represented well by such recruiters, who have a genuine vested interest in their candidates.


Commercial Litigation Attorney

After nearly six years working at a city-based law firm in London, I was looking for a new challenge, both professionally and personally, so was pleased to connect with my Recruitment Consultant from CML.

“The time and attention devoted to me by my Recruitment Consultant was invaluable.”

Any move in private practice is sensitive, yet I found my Recruitment Consultant to possess a unique set of skills and qualities which helped steer a busy lawyer through that process extremely smoothly.

During an unsettling transition, including an overseas move, he provided a great deal of encouragement and a feeling of stability.

I joined my new firm in May 2015 and with that move has come a refreshing change of lifestyle.  The beach is just metres from the office and since moving to the Cayman Islands, I have qualified as a PADI Open Water Diver, spending most weekends by the sea – a great way to relax alongside a busy, demanding job.


Partner, Private Equity Funds

The decision to take a chance and move to Cayman came after working in London for a number of years and becoming discouraged with the day-to-day: the long hours, the miserable weather, the high cost of living… they were all taking a toll. Added to that, I was rarely home to see my (then) 18-month-old daughter and it was time for a change. Cayman offered a lifestyle that promised to work for both me and my family, without sacrificing exposure to the large investment fund clients I had in London.

I had been working on the island for just over three years when I was introduced to my Recruitment Consultant from CML. Meeting him at that time was ideal. I wasn’t entirely happy where I was, and he has firmly established relationships with most of the firms here; he is exceptionally well-connected and knows all the key players. He knows who is hiring and what they’re looking for in new employees. What really stood out to me was how trustworthy and discreet he is. I was never concerned that anyone within my previous firm would find out I was speaking with a recruiter or other firms. I always felt that I was in good hands with my Recruitment Consultant. His knowledge of the market helped me find employment with a firm that wasn’t initially an obvious choice for me, but as a result, I’ve found myself working with people I respect, with an exceptional remuneration package, and fantastic promotion prospects.

It’s coming upon five years since my family moved to Cayman, and my only real concern is that we’ll never want to go back! The island is a fantastic place for young families. My commute is now a mere five minutes, which means I can drop the kids off at school on the way to work and be home in time for dinner. Plus, Cayman is in a great location for travel to the U.S., and the island being tax-free means I’m financially better off than I was in London. I would recommend CML to anyone considering making a move to Cayman.