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Software Engineering jobs
in the Cayman Islands

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Are you a software engineer looking to progress your career whilst earning tax-free in the sunshine?

Our Experience:

CML is the only recruitment agency in the Cayman Islands with a dedicated IT Recruiter on staff. Our IT Recruitment Consultant, Claire Murray, has specialized in the recruitment of Software Developers/Engineering recruitment for over 5 years and knows the space very well. Software Engineering positions by and large tend to be the busiest sector for IT recruitment our team faces, so we are well placed and seasoned in helping candidates navigate their careers in Cayman. In addition to helping you find accommodation and guiding you through the entire recruitment and relocation process, as we are based here, we socialize and network with all the hiring managers at the major firms and can give you the inside scoop on office culture, salaries, and what the different organizations look for.

What to Expect:

A lot of opportunities for Software Engineering/Development will be within the legal & financial services spaces where you will develop internal software or software to be used within that client base. Some of these organizations are international leaders and offer incredible exposure – quite a large focus will be on security which is paramount within these types of organizations.

Compared to elsewhere, in Cayman, teams are sometimes smaller and may not be experts in all areas like front end specialist/ server-side. Instead, your role will be more all-encompassing, giving exposure to the full lifestyle of the software and products. You will also have opportunities to take leadership more quickly than elsewhere, providing a launchpad for further career development.

What Experience is Needed?

90% of software development roles in Cayman are .NET full stack opportunities. You will need to have good experience working with .NET based tech, specifically c# and more recently .NET core which is now being used within a large majority of companies. You will typically need to have strong front-end exposure also ideally with some of the JavaScript frameworks. Typically, the roles would be at a mid-senior level with generally at least 3 years’ experience required. There are sometimes also leadership level roles within the software engineering space with software architect & development manager positions appearing from time to time.

Aside from .NET opportunities, there are sometimes Python development roles, but they come up much less frequently.

It may all sound too good to be true, but we can go into more detail in your specific practice area during an initial consultation. Curious about moving Offshore? Get in touch today!

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Why consider software engineering jobs in Cayman?
  • Higher, tax-free, or low-tax salary
  • Gain exposure to leadership capacity more quickly/ more exposure to other areas
  • Opportunity to gain strong fintech/legal industry experience working on impactful projects
  • No sacrifice of quality of work & technologies for increased quality of life
  • Work-life-balance that is impossible to beat
  • Commutes measured in single-digit minutes rather than hours
  • Year-round summer
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