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Finding work in the Cayman Islands without a professional qualification can be very difficult, especially when you are not physically on the island to apply for jobs and attend interviews. Looking for work on a tourist visa is frowned upon by the Department of Immigration. In addition, an expatriate must leave the island for the duration of any work permit application which often takes two weeks to three months. One of the best ways to avoid these issues, for experienced support staff, is to register with CML for an office administration job.

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Registering as an office temp with CML allows you to:

  • Gain access to the full network of financial services employers, many of which are globally renowned industry names
  • Gain experience in a financial services role which can make you a more marketable candidate for permanent roles in future
  • Obtain a work permit prior to your arrival and avoid the expense and inconvenience of returning home to await the outcome of a permit application
  • Make your own friends and industry contacts