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The Cayman Islands government has approved the occupations for which 10-year work permits will be approved in regulations made by Cabinet last week.

The following occupations are eligible for the grant of a work permit for up to 10 years: managing director, chief executive officer, general manager, vice president, chief financial officer, chief operating officer, chief underwriting officer, chief actuary, chief reinsurance underwriter, directors for fund services, directors for client services, fund administration managers and fund services managers.

Until the approval of these regulations on 16 October, the maximum time any single work permit for a foreign employee could be approved was 
five years.
The details are specified in the Immigration (Amendment)(No. 3) Regulations, 2012.

Certain few jobs within the reinsurance and fund administration industries can also be exempted for work permit fees for a period of five years starting with the worker’s first arrival in the Islands. Those jobs include; executive administrative assistant, personal assistant, senior administrative assistant and executive secretary.


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