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Are you an IT professional looking to further your career in Cayman? In this blog, we’re sharing 11 IT skills you need on your resume to wow Cayman’s IT hiring managers so you can land your dream job in paradise.

What IT Skills Are Hiring Managers Looking For?

  1. Software Programming and Application Development

Approximately 70% of all companies looking to hire IT professionals in Cayman right now are specifically seeking candidates with programming or application development skills, specifically those with .NET experience, so if you’re looking to develop an IT career in Cayman, this is something to keep in mind.

  1. Project Management IT Skills

Many hiring managers offshore and in the Cayman Islands have added project management to their skill list. Many businesses embark on multiple IT projects each year, especially in the legal field, therefore, hiring managers tend to seek candidates capable of taking on these more significant projects. The projects might include – Web and Mobile Initiatives, System Enhancements, Improvements, Implementations, and application refreshes.

  1. IT Help Desk/Technical Support

With the release of new technology and frequent software updates, companies undoubtedly need a helping hand (especially if you cannot keep up on the latest tech drops.) For companies to move swiftly, many IT Hiring Managers in the Cayman Islands seek high-priority help desk and technical support skills.

  1. Networking

Networking skills are another area constantly in demand by IT hiring managers in Cayman. These jobs are often considered the hardest to fill, as networking is closely linked to virtualisation; It is essential to find someone who can connect/convert non-virtual environments into virtual environments.

  1. Cyber Security IT Skills

N0 scammers here! Hiring managers are seeking a candidate with valuable security skills. These skills include expertise in identity and access management, threat and vulnerability assessment, encryption, data loss prevention, incident analysis skills, governance, compliance and auditing, biometrics, safeguards for IP systems and e-discovery support for litigation.

  1. Data Center

Strategic thinking is a crucial skill found amongst many of Cayman’s top IT employees. Data Center skills include things such as safety security, backup, disaster recovery, and data support – which also go hand in hand with cyber security skills.

  1. Web

IT workers with next-generation Web skills have been sought after repeatedly throughout the years. Many hiring managers tend to seek candidates with expertise in Adobe, AJAX, JavaScript, JavaScript Object Notation and more. With many companies turning to increase their online presence, there will be a need for web/mobile product growth and Internet Marketing Optimisation however it is worth noting that this is not as large of an area in demand in Cayman currently.

  1. Telecommunications

Unified communication skills are becoming a big hit in the IT game. Candidates who are able to design infrastructures that integrate communication tools will be sought after. Including, instant messaging, IP telephony, remote access, printers, and servers.

  1. Business Intelligence IT Skills

More employees mean more data growth; As IT departments look for ways to contribute to the company’s profitability, business intelligence skills will be ramped up. SAP, Microsoft, Cognos, Informatica, etc will be largely sought-after suites of products.

  1. Collaboration Architecture

Collaboration architecture expertise is high on many lists of hot skills. IT hiring managers are constantly looking to boost customer interactions and build aesthetics on end-user experiences.

  1. Business Acumen and Communication IT Skills

While not stated in job titles and descriptions, business acumen and the ability to communicate technical concepts are a necessity for IT Hiring Managers. These skills will come hand in hand with your business intelligence and telecommunication skills.

Do you possess some or all of these skills? If so, reach out to Claire Murray for a confidential conversation today and let’s see how we can help you take your career to new shores!



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