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Indispensable reading for HR professionals from the UK’s CIPD: Attitudes to Employability and Talent.

What does talent mean?

One of the most interesting snippets is the lack of a definition for “talent” in most organizations.  I’d be interested to know if any Cayman firms have an actual definition of the word.  While at first reading I dismissed it, the range of interpretations the report revealed among HR and line managers was fascinating, not to mention potentially problematic.  Much of the time it seems to me that “talent” is simply a buzzword bandied around in place of the somewhat outdated HR.

What personal attributes contribute to career success?

Ambitious professionals should skip to page 12, where the report lists the attributes line managers (and in the next pages HR Managers) associate with talented employees.

Attributes leading to career success, CIPD Attitudes to Employability and Talent



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