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Audit can be a rewarding and lucrative career path; however, many people find the long hours and pressure a grind.  Fortunately, Cayman has a phenomenal demand for audit and consulting professionals to provide vital in-house functions for private businesses.

As the primary specialist financial recruiter in the Cayman Islands with over 19 years of experience, CML Offshore Recruitment can give you complete market coverage, including exclusive roles that only we handle. We can provide you expert guidance on the different career routes to match your background, notably the inside working culture and expectations of the companies so that you can choose your balance of career and personal time.

Learn About Your Options Outside Audit

In private practice, you often will have specialised in one of the following areas:

  • Asset Management
  • Banking
  • Captive Insurance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Crypto
  • General Industry
  • Transactional Services
  • US Tax

This exposure can leapfrog you into exciting positions we recruit for, including:

  1. Front Office Investment Analyst Roles – working for hedge funds
  2. Fund Administrator Roles – remote working & outstanding work/life balance
  3. Crypto Accountant Roles – at the forefront of the new technology
  4. Account Manager Roles – attractive positions at global captive managers
  5. Financial Controller Roles – opportunities at operating companies
  6. Internal Auditor Roles – within multinational companies

Whether it is financial accounting, management accounting or analytical work, we have you covered and can give you the inside track on how to separate yourself from the competition.

Talk to the Professionals

Taking the time to consult with our specialist recruiters will allow you to uncover the positions you want now but also plot your course for future success further into your career.

For most, the first move into industry will determine the ultimate direction for the rest of their career and is vitally important.

What Route Will You Take?

Think about how you are going to build your career moving forward.  There are advantages to joining a large firm with a bigger finance team; more tiers of promotion, better benefits, and a similar team feel to audit; however, the work itself can be more repetitive as you see a more narrow field of the accounts.

Smaller companies can have better work-life balance and more variety in the work available however progression can be slower and business-dependent.  Day-to-day responsibilities are more ‘ hands-on’ with more menial tasks like bank reconciliations and admin coming with the job.  That said, opportunities within tech start-ups or SMEs can be exciting with the opportunity to interact with operations and live the life of the company.

Company Culture within Industry

When transitioning into industry, it is prudent to consider the working culture of your new role.  Industry demands may be a completely different way of working.

When adapting to industry, the appeal comes from the opportunity to take on a high-impact role within a smaller business.  Finance professionals can adapt well when working in an SME where the culture of open communication and less corporate structure is more appealing than in their years in private practice.

Use Your Experience from Audit

Think about projects that you found stimulating when working in practice and decide on the type of business you want to move to in your new role.

Use your experience in practice to focus your search on a business sector/s that will motivate you.  If you know the sector you want to move to, it would be beneficial to seek experience in that field.

Opportunity Knocks

Remember to look for what you will gain from the business in the long run.  A competitive salary is always desirable, but it is essential to know when you will receive pay reviews and how your employment package might expand over the next few years.

Ensure that the position offers you exciting and challenging work with learning and development opportunities.  You would also consider your work-life balance as you will want to ensure you can still enjoy everything you have come to know and love living in the Cayman Islands.

The Next Step

With audit season ending soon, many people leave it to the last minute when their deliverables have been completed to start looking for work.  By waiting, you will be competing with the majority of those whose contracts have also finished, therefore limiting your options.  Many companies are interviewing now and will wait until your contract has finished to bring you on board.

Don’t delay!  Reach out to for a 100% confidential chat to talk through your options today.


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